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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sponsered Advertorials:

My current job is my first office job, my previous job didnt require me to dress formally etc. So after one month in this company! I kinda ran out of things to wear already!

All my dresses were too short.. too casual etc, how how oh hoooooow!
Have headaches everyday thinking of what to wear, one of my favourite piece to wear to work would be the Ashen Jeggings!


I LOVE JEGGINGS, they're so mad comfy and a dark pair of jeggings like that can go with ANYTHING! Plus my office is SOOOOO cold i don't want to wear dresses and expose my legs to the cold!

I have a few pairs of jeggings and i wear them
to work almost everyday . :x

Monday i wore the Drape Tunic in Nude with the a pair of jeggings since the tunic was a definitely too short to be worn alone to the office, will pair it with opaque leggings when i'm out shopping/clubbing thou!


Added a pearl/gold/bronze drape necklace from Forever21!
Love to shop at for their affordable and gorgeous accessories.


Tuesday i wore the Versatile Loose Top in Navy + a black tube with a pair of satin black trousers!


Today i wore the Faux Leather Long-Top paired with Jeggings!
The Faux Leather design gave the otherwise plain long top a edgier, tougher look,
afew of my colleagues asked me where i bought this top from during lunch. (:


hohoho, tomorrow i'm going to wear this crochet mesh-back maxi dress!


Join their mailing list to get updates of their new collections:

Oh yes, quote "TheLuckiestChick" to receive 5% off the total bill when ordering!


Exclusive Giveaways:

Remember last month i gave away 5 pairs of tickets to the
Johnnie Walker Jet Black F1 party?

The Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party is BACK!
This time with a brazillian samba theme to celebrate the Grand Prix weekend in Sao Paulo, complimentary Johnny Walker drinks throughout the NIGHT!


The Jet Black Party will bring to life the Brazillian flavor for all guests.
Seiji from Bugz in the Attic from UK, master of electronica, breakbeat and soul will be there to headline the event, along with FIRE DANCERS, Live percussionists and CARNIVAL PERFORMANCE!

This party is exclusive and by-invite only, it'll be held at The White Rabbit.
I've always wanted to go to The White Rabbit when i was working at Dempsey
but i keep forgetting!


This party is on the 4th November 2010,
8pm onwards @ The White Rabbit, 39 Harding Road

Come party with me!
to win a pair of tickets to this oh-so-exclusive party!

Drop me an email at if you're shy. (:
Do leave your email so i can contact you if you're the lucky winner!


Amazon kindle 3

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sometimes i wonder, the people who don't read.. what are they thinking?
Maybe because as the only child, i have long period of time when i was alone
and just spending alot of my time on my own, just reading.

I feel the constant need to reach for my novels, especially when i'm going through a more stressful phrase, i cannot imagine not being able to just relax and "escape" to a different world even for a mere 30 minutes a day.

Just last week i receive probably one of the best gift i could ever get..
Was having dinner with boyf's parents at his place, and DHL came and dropped a parcel for.. ME!




It's an Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-fi version, my 20th birthday + our 6th year anniversary gift! I really really love it, it's MAD cool. Thank you baby for the best gift ever!


It's crazy thin and light, don't have to lug a novel all over in my purse everyday to work from now on!

The E-Ink kindle uses is crazy awesome, really no glare,
it's like a real novel without the weight!
I'm currently reading Safe Haven By Nicolas Sparks.

Bought a super sweet Snow white kindle pouch from Etsy after i received my Kindle3



The seller is so cute! Hahaha, cannot resist cutesy things.



Permanent "home" for my precious kindle!


Will be sharing how to purchase a kindle 3 wi-fi and using a kindle
in singapore in my next post! (Cos the services for kindle is actually
not extended to Singapore, for dunno what crazy reasons!!!)

Was really happy I could spend on precious saturday with boyf last weekend,
since i started my new job, i'm working office hours and boyf usually HAS to
work on sat/sun. So we haven't been spending much quality time together..

I mean, work for the entire week of course you'd want your boyf to be able
to enjoy the weekends with you, go for a short weekend trip to batam for cheap seafood/cableskiing, go on a date for movies & shopping session with the boyf
OR even to nua at home.. i'll be happy and satisfied.

But we just weren't spending anytime together,
and i kind of persuaded boyf to take up a job offer (office hours too!) that his friend was telling him about when they met at a dinner.. and it's confirmed, he's taking up the job!!!

I can't find words to explain how relieved i am, i truly felt that our relationship
was almost till the limit and i was not going to be able to stand having a boyf
whose schedule is totally opposite from mine..
How can any relationship last long this way?
I find it so tiring and sickening.

But now.. i feel so blessed and happy!
Every precious weekend could be spend in his arms. (:

Ettusais Beauty Diary: Shine free & pore less?!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I've been fighting with my crazy oily skin for years, blotters.. constant touching-up
to cover the oily shine which is oh-so-unattractive, doesn't help the fact that singapore is such a humid country!

And you know how your foundation will streak OR 卡粉
(have powder stuck at like the sides of your nose etc)
I hate imperfection!

There's just 2 steps you how to do to achieve
shine-free & porcelain-like flawless base!


Apply the Ettusais Base Version Up UV, this is a makeup base with SPF20 PA++
So you can skip your sunscreen after using this makeup base, awesome!

Great for people like me who wake up at 6am to makeup then have to rush to work already, the lesser steps the better! (:

The Base Version Up retails at $41!

Then.. check out the new Ettusais Duo foundation!


I'm totally in love with the new case, it's so girly.. pink with printed lace designs.

Why is it called Duo foundation?
It has a Shine Prevention Powder (Lighter colour) this powder does not provide any coverage but as it's name suggests, it prevents SHINE!!! Enemy of the oily skinned girls like yours truly!!!


So you apply the Shine Prevention Powder on your oily T-Zone (Forehead & Nose) with the sponge, I use it on my cheek too, sigh! I'm oily everywhere. lol
The Shine Prevention Powder works by absorbing the sebum and keep your skin looking smmm-mmmoooooth!



Then apply the zero pore powder all over your face.
How can one foundation contain so much goodness, shine-free, zero-pores coverage and to make it more perfect, it even have SPF 16 PA++!

For the Ettusais Duo, it's available in 5 shades that suits our asian's skintone,
it retails at $48 for the foundation, $20 for the gorgeous case.
For a limited time only, there's a special set of Duo foundation + case for only $56.

I need to go stock up on this foundation!!!


Ta-daaaaah! Flawless skin that lasts!

The best thing i love about this foundation is that it doesn't cakes up at all!

Tried and tested, i was out shopping the other day, i was sweating/getting oilier by every second.. and i touched up afew times that day while i was out
and it never cakes up, EVER! Major love.

Definitely one of my HG foundations from now on!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Advertorial: falsies application

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sponsered Advertorial:

We all know one of the tricks to make your eyes look bigger is to wear falsies,
Since as asians we're not blessed with long, thick lashes,
wearing falsies gives you a full set of lashes, and adds definition to your eyes.

I didn't really like the idea of having eyelash extension cos i feel that
it's a wee bit harsh and harmful to your eyes by a certain extend..
so falsies is really the best alternative!

I've been wearing falsies for at least 4 years now, and recently Patisserie Carato
sent me 2 boxes of falsies and i have tried and loved the effect!


Picnik collage

I tried #1 & #2, criss cross & full natural falsies. Both are under the "natural" range.

it cost $15/box of 10 pairs of falsies, see this link for all the designs they carry,
these falsies are all instock so you won't have to wait any longer than 2 days
to receive it in your mailbox!

Here is how i normally apply my falsies:


apply a thin layer of glue on the bone of the lashes..
Leave it to dry for at least 5-10 seconds, when it's in a semi dry
it's actually stickier and easier to put on!

Picnik collage

1. Make sure you fix on the front part of the falsies..
2. Then fix the middle part, and the end of the falsies..
3. Done! (:

Not thick enough? You can always layer another pair of falsies on to make it thicker and fuller! (:


It's really very natural right!

Just mention that you're from TheLuckiestChick when ordering
and the owner of Pastisserie Carato will give you free registered postage
of a purchase of 3 boxes of lashes and above,
and with every purchase you stand to win a super adorable pair of earrings!

Ettusais Beauty Diary: Be a glittery mermaid!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Look what we found at the Ettusais lash party!


A treasure trove with all the glittery necessities to make a mermaid-to-be glitter
from top to toe!


There are 4 colours out for release featuring Princess Glitter
which is made up of 100 layers of shimmer and pearls!

I chose Vi2 (shimmery purple) & Br6 (Shimmery brown)


Love how it applies smoothly and blend super easily, see how shimmery it is?
One plus point is that the shimmers are not those chunky monkey shimmers
which fall out all over your face and creates a crazy hot mess!

It even has jojoba oil to condition your eye area even when you have makeup on!


See how shimmery and gorgeous it is!
These eyeshadows are retailing at $19 pder colour, you can buy an eyeshadow case
and mix and match 3 different shades into one eyeshadow case. (:

There's also the Nail Colour with Princess Glitter, which retails at $20:


Chose Vi3 (Glittery Purple) & Gd2 (Glittery gold)
they go on pretty sheer, but they make a really good shimmery nail glitters to go over like maybe a plain nude nails etc to give your nails a cute spark!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick

Advertorial: Popu Store

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Woohoo, it's finally FRIDAY!!!
Now that i'm working an office job, really understand why people always say "TGIF"!
Tired.. so busy at work, trying to not drown in a workload that keeps piling up.

If you're following me on twitter you'd have saw me tweet
about me learning driving, firstly because my workplace is close to 2 hours away
from my home by public transport.

It's crazy spending 3-4 hours just on travelling to and fro from work 5 days a week!
Then my grandma said she's gonna sponser me 3k to learn driving
cos my workplace is so far..

So why the hell not?!
My dad still ask me to learn manual cos his car is manual..
Omg i have terrible hand/leg co-ordination, the thought of driving is already terrifying, I still have to go worry about the bloody gear?!

Lol, He's going to change his car for me, i told him to get me like a 2nd hand car
s0 i won't feel sad if i get in an accident and buang the car etc.

Ahhh, going to register this saturday! :D

Ahhhh, back to my TGIF topic!!!
Yay, after working for a whole long week all i want is to nua around at home,
lie in bed and read a book but yet i want to shop too!
Need some retail therapy to relieve the stress! (I know.. what a typical girly excuse)

Here's a new blogshop that sells japanese magazine apparels +
Japanese brand hair styling products/cosmetics!


I ordered this Minnie mouse romper!


I love love love Mickey/Minnie, still have a 1.5metre tall mickey mouse sleeping
on my bed with me every night since i received it as a Christmas gift from my dad
when i was in primary school!


Love this nautical/chiffon dress, sweet & sexy!


Got this Studded Jacket for work too! (:


POPU carries some hairstyling products from Kracie as well!

I think Kracie has some really awesome products,
(It's a japanese brand that's not available in SG)
they even did a collaboration with Rilakkuma to come up with a
whole line of cosmetics/oil blotters etc with Rilakkuma design splashed
all over the products, mad cute!

Hope POPU will be carrying that line too!
But i think it was limited edition cos i couldn't find it on ebay either ):

popu bob boucy

Ordered the hair styling spray for Bob/Bouncy hair, can't wait to try it! (:
There are sprays for straight hair, curl hair as well.

For the apparel pre-orders go here:
Get 10% off when you quote "Aki-Fidelis" when ordering! (:
discount is only valid for the apparels spree.

For Japanese hair products/cosmetics:

Sorry for neglecting my blog for the past week, more posts this weekend!

Oh btw is anyone watch Mischievous Kiss? It's the Korean version of It Started With A Kiss. Omg it's SO GOOD! Sigh, I liked the japanese version when i saw it in my secondary school days too.. should go dig out my vcds and re-watch it! :D

You can watch
Mischievous Kiss here:

Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Phuket September 2010, Day 2:

Woohooo! Finally got around to blog about Phuket Day #02!

I know many of you keep asking me to do the post asap cos you might
be planning your own trips to phuket and you want some sort of guide..
i just started my first week of work and i've been really busy and mostly tired..
BUT i'll try to get these posts up asap! (:

Lol, boyf forgotten to pack in his electric shaver, so he had to make do
with razors which he has NEVER tried using before,
and he was like SO freaked out with the experience and so afraid
that he would cut himself, so funny.. hehehe


I really hate those little stubs growing out, so no choice!
You gotta shave even if you're afraid of the razor, bleh! :P

I always wake up really early when i'm on vacation,
i just don't wanna waste my time sleeping in the room when i could be
out enjoying the sun, the pool or the beach, try new and different food,
or even shopping!

So while boyf sleeps till around 10-11am
i'll be by the pool using my netbook/reading a book!
Luckily we got a pool access room so it's really just one step away
from the pool! :D

I really recommend the hotel i stayed in, affordable, awesome room, great service.
I just don't understand why the reviews on tripadvisor seems to
always mention bad service from hotel staffs but during my stay there

they provided impeccable service.. always smiley/friendly and not at all rude.
You can check the information like where i booked the hotel,
pics of hotel/pool etc in my first post, so don't keep bombing me
with the same question OK!

if you haven't read Day #01, here the link:


Finally dragged boyf out of his dreamland and we headed to the beach
which was less than 5 mins away to have breakfast on the beach!

Ahhhh, i miss Phuket so much.


Went to Kata Beach Seafood on the south part of Kata beach,
there's quite a few different restaurants here btw.. most of the provide breakfast,
American breakfast, pancakes.. toast.. omelet whatever you want! :D

So if you don't want to have your breakfast at the hotel,
walk over to the beach to have breakfast!
lol if you're a guy.. lots of bikini babes to see while you enjoy your breakfast!


View of the beach from Kata Beach Seafood,


hohoho, boyf's new "ray-ban" sunglasses that i bargained from 500baht to 300baht,
i think shopping at kata beach is extremely expensive, as compared to shopping
for the same things in Patong beach, you can bargain more!



Bought my pink terry romper from UNIQLO!



Waiting waiting waiting for our breaaaaakfast~
meanwhile laughing at some cheena people taking photos in
some super mad funny poses on the beach.. we're so mean!!!


nom nom nooooooom.

In September the waves are huge and everyone goes surfing but no snorkeling
cos seriously you really can't see shit in the water cos the waves are so huge!

During the 4 days i was there, the red flag
(meaning no swimming in the sea cos of the huge waves) was constantly up,
but the warnings are always ignored,
everyone goes swimming as usual unless it was like raining really heavily!
So after breakfast we were enjoying the sun and went to errrr.. crash some waves?

hahahas mostly letting the waves crash US, it's so funny boyf keep dragging medeeper into the sea - too deep for my own comfort zone, I'm just not very tall what! Argh.. then the waves caught me and while like trying to get back on my feet ANOTHER wave crashed at me and i did like a 360degree flip..
lol i dunno if you get what i'm trying to say i finally got up
and i was laughing at myself..

Unfortunately it didn't escape my boyf's "eagle eye" and he saw
the whole process of me getting "flipped" by the bloody waves..
and never stopped laughing about it afterwards.. -.-"

So hilarious and embarassing!!!

It started to rain so we went back to the hotel, showered and
headed out to find a tuk-tuk to go over to Patong beach for some light shopping..


Tuk tuk from Kata beach to Patong was 350baht, have to bargain with them!
headed to Jungceylon shopping mall @ patong, Here's their website:

There's a Robinsons, Boots pharmacy, Watsons, Supermarket, Cinema,
IT stuff on the highest level..

oh! i bought 2 iphone case from Jungceylon shopping mall to do another giveaway btw, i know lots of you must be very disappointed cos i only had one of the
Ben & Jerry's iphone case to giveaway awhile ago..

So i'll be doing the iphone case giveaway i brought back from Phuket very soon! (:

There's this shop with like a crazy shitload of shoes! lol girls heaven!


But it's not exactly very very cheap or anything and i don't really want new heels
so i didn't get any! Stocked up some of my beauty essentials at Watsons thou! :D

Boyf was dying to rent a jeep to drive around in phuket!


I don't know why guys dream to drive hmm. what seem to me a piece of
metal junk around but oh wells, my next trip to phuket
i'll find out where can we rent a jeep to fulfil my boyf's.. errr lifelong dream?


Oh we found this massage place along patong beach..
much more modern and nicely decorated than the usual phuket massage places..
Went in for a foot massage, 250 baht! :D



Price list!
The name of the massage place is Calista Massage !


hate the stupid ugly electric wires or whatever you call that all over phuket,
luckily singapore is not like thaaaaaaat!

Can you imagine if the electric wire thing is not there it's a full view of the beach
while enjoying your foot massage?


Went to have seafood dinner after our super awesome foot massage at Calista!




Picked our seafood and chose the method we wanted to get our seafood done!





After dinner we walked pass this "mobile bar" super cute pink van!



... nightlife at patong, lots of prostitutes arounddddd!

Went back to our hotel to put down our shopping stuff
before going over to Ska Bar @ Kata beach!


Bought a set of lingerie from Wacoal, bandeau bikini, wedges, waterproof pack.. tidbits!!!

Went over to Ska Bar @ Kata Beach which is popular amongst the tourists @ Phuket..








Day 3 to be continued... Our tour to Phi Phi Islands!!

Loves, TheLuckiestChick